Great Leap Forward for me today! I've finally managed to arrange sponsorship for my charity which won't cost them anything or create a lot of work for them collecting Gift Aid. So Sponsorship is Live as of today. Please follow this Link and Hit The Button!

Hi and welcome

Welcome to this blog which supports my sponsored cycling adventure to North Africa in September 2022. My chosen charity is the Catholic Worker Farm which is run as a women's refuge just west of London. You can visit their website here: or watch a documentary video about their work here: Founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin during the great depression of the 1930's, the Catholic worker movement has a colourful history of supporting justice and hospitality for those enduring oppression. It's taken me a while but at last I have managed to set up a fund raising page where you will be able to donate with Gift Aid (if you are a UK tax payer) and it will not be an added inconvenience or cost to the charity. If you would like to sponsor my ride please visit:  and support the Catholic Worker

The Kit

My bike is a giant Escape Disc 2 bought in September 2020 from Banjo Cycles in Newbury under the Inland revenue cycle to work scheme. My previous bike was a giant Boulder Colorado which I found in a rubbish skip and renovated myself. I'd had it for about 16 years and was seriously thinking of making the trip to Algeria with it. So I took it in to Banjo's for a complete rebuild. Danny the mechanic in there showed me the new Escape and I am so glad he did. I had no idea how much even the simplest touring bikes( I think they call them Hybrids now) have progressed in the last 20 years. Not only was it lighter and more comfortable, but it appears to be stronger than the old bike. It would have cost me more to rebuild the old bike so I bought the new one instead. I've been belting around on and off road fully loaded for the last two years and it feels to me like it will be up to the job. There are a couple of things I've changed, I put butterfly handlebars on, not cos the ori

The Money Go Round

Going a little bit crazy today trying to determine the best way to collect money for my chosen charity. So the charities have to pay a monthly subscription of around £30 to the schemes that I've looked into, plus approx 2% plus .20p for every donation, and more for gift aid collection. It leaves me wondering where is the charity in that? So I've written to my bank to find out if they think it's safe for me to leave my sort code and account number on this public web page. Another alternative would be to use an internet payment system, like Skrill or Stripe (or the service that shall not be named) but they all charge a minimum of 2% for a withdrawal, ie when I pay the donations to the charity. Maybe I'm being unrealistic here, leave a comment to let me know what you think.


In August I'll have my 66th birthday and become entitled to retirement pension. This is the economic catalyst that allows me the freedom to set out. But at my age I need to also pay attention to some fairly serious health matters. In December 2021 I was hospitalised with Covid 19 and Bacterial pnuemonia. It came on really fast with some nausea and vomitting to boot. I am so incredibly grateful to all the NHS staff who took care of me and basically saved my life. I spent 10 days in Kennet Ward at the Royal Berks Hospital in Reading, and it was a bit like going to heaven, having everything done for me and being snatched from the jaws of death! Huge thanks also to Lara Herbolzheimer who has guided me through the process of recovery using her amazing skills in Kinesiology. I balked a little at paying for private healthcare, but it has been worth every penny and in reality cost no more than  a meal out once or twice a week. If you're living in S Oxon/West Berks area and are interest